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Top 3 Reasons to automate inventory management

Posted by Kistler-Morse on Dec 14, 2015 8:00:00 AM

ORB_KM_System_Diagram_GPH.png Kistler-Morse’s ORB™ Remote Inventory Management System transforms inventory and process data into valuable information that can increase productivity and reduce supply chain costs. A system like the ORB™ affords users the option of automating their inventory management by gathering, storing and transmitting real-time inventory data.

1. Supply Chain management

  • Automate re-order process with suppliers
  • Grant individual permissions for remote supplier communication
  • Improve efficiencies with real-time accessibility to inventory levels and working capital utilization
  • Facilitates multi-site inventory strategy and just-in-time replenishment of material

2. inventory data management

  • Access inventory information and stored data from a remote location via the Internet
  • Manage multiple sites with multiple vessels
  • Set notifications/alarms to automatically send alerts via email
  • Store historical data
  • Run reports for tracking trends or other statistical measures

3. site maintenance efficiency

  • Store and replace calibration settings for all vessels remotely
  • Maintain instruments remotely
  • Eliminate routine and manual inventory reporting

Inventory management is critical to dry bulk and in-process applications. Whether your company is a supplier, an in-process facility or even a smaller operation, inventory  management will help improve your business flow.